Talavera de la Reina | 2001-2005

The plot for the construction of the 134 houses in Talavera de la Reina is located at the entrance to the city on the Madrid highway, in the area of ​​the eastern urban widening.

A set of three buildings is organized around a central courtyard. It is a newly developed environment without formal constraints but with strict regulations for housing distribution.

PROGRAM: Ground floor plus four heights plus attic with two levels below the street level for parking. One, two and three-bedroom homes with six of them specially designed for people with reduced mobility. One of the points of the architecture competition rules rewarded the optimization of the number of houses.

MATERIALS: The use of materials manufactured in the region was also a condition of the competition rules. It was considered a type of ceramic piece from the industries of the Sagra region, solving the ventilated façade. The rest of the facade in brick and ceramic plates from the same source.

THE CENTRAL BLOCK YARD: The block yard of the nineteenth-century is claimed as an excellent model to follow for this housing: spacious, sunny and meeting point and solace for children and adults.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Basic passive bioclimatic principles are based on the project. Cross street-patio ventilation. Optimization of the location of the rooms with ceramic walls with high thermal inertia and insulation capacity.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Talavera de la Reina
Promoter JCCM
Construction Company Contratas La Mancha
Project date 2000
Final date of work 2002


1st Awards Project Competition