ARCH PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE _ Talavera de la Reina

Talavera de la Reina | 2000 – 2001

The footbridge is placed in Talavera de la Reina, specifically on the Avenue of Madrid, formerly N-V, currently being the main entrance to the city, with a high intensity of road traffic. At km 114.20 of the N-V (a) the urban housing begins, there are two health centres on both sides: a residence and a health care centre, this means that there are many people traffic between both sides of the road.

This footbridge was conceived as an iconic element of the gateway to the city. Currently, the urban fabric has been growing, so our bridge has been staying more inland in Talavera, losing its character of a construction edge. However, it maintains its image intact as a landmark in the entrance to the city.

The bridge is made up of two inclined tubular metal arches of diameter 254 and 16 mm thick, converging on their key from the springings; from these arches hang the vertical beams that support the deck; those are formed by two curved tubular longitudinal beams 300.16, on which stay an armed metal brace beams, on which the slab of the desk rests.

The access ramps are made of white reinforced concrete, with a 30 cm edge and a width of 2.00 m, they are embedded in concrete piles with variable edges and a width of 25 cm.

The board is made up of two longitudinal steel tubular beams, with a diameter of 300 mm and a thickness of 16 mm, being a compact section. These beams are curved with a radius of 70.60 meters, leaning towards the outside of the footbridge 63,435º. These generate in projection, both horizontally and vertically, two ellipses.


Project author ESTUDIO AIA
Technical Assistance to the Construction Mangement ESTUDIO AIA
Location Talavera de la Reina
Promoter Ministerio de Fomento
Construction Company Tableros y Puentes SA
Project date 2000
Final date of work 2001


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