Toledo | 1993-1996

The project resolves a small social housing building located in the “rodaderos” of ​​the Historic Centre of Toledo on its northern slope, promoted by the Municipal Housing Company.

In Toledo, the slopes of the hill where the historical city is located are known as “rodaderos“. There the rubble was dumped until the beginning of the 20th century.

The plot did not exist as such. It was an area with a steep slope as a result of the dumping of rubble over the centuries from the highest levels of the Historic District. The soil had no stability as it was made up of inclined strata that were not compacted.

The street where it is located is called Azacanes (an Arab word) in memory of the ancient water carriers of Toledo who brought water to the city from the Tagus River using this old rout that has now been converted into a street.

The building, (organized on three levels) rises above the constructions located opposite the street, capturing both the distant views offered by the Vega del Tajo and the Hospital de Tavera and the sun by the rear façade open to the south where the high slope of the rolling.

The first objective of the project was the “construction” of the site. That is the stabilization of the slope for the subsequent excavation of the platform where the building was to be located. The building was structurally conceived as a “great retaining wall” capable of withstanding the pressure of the unconsolidated dumped land from its rear.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Toledo
Promoter Ayuntamiento de Toledo
Construction Company Construcciones Sánchez
Project date 1993
Final date of work 1996