Toledo | 2003

The competition was developed on a flat plot, without any physical conditioner in the residential area of ​​the Toledo Industrial Estate. Technological and service building environment.

IMPLANTATION. A visually sharp and stunning building in its formal minimalism, with the creation of the large cylinder in dialogue with the cube of the Regional Archive, of higher volume.

ARCHITECTURAL PROPOSAL. A meaningful form with mastery of the cylindrical volume of the deposit that sits on a stone base occupying the plot. Open-plan building, both in work areas and storage and archive, with maximum flexibility, the economy of space and materials. The building is made up of a plinth, formed by the protective Travertine stone walls in which large glass openings open through which the workspaces lookout, on which a sizeable blind cylinder covered in sheet metal rests. Corten steel, neutral and abstract container, surrounded by rings of Corten steel slats. A large skylight crowns the building and floods its interior with light, serving as a shelter for elevator and air conditioning machinery, becoming the distant reference element. The entrance is made through the previously covered space and the glass windbreak, passing next to the reception desk, the central space is reached in four heights, the starting point of all routes. The elevator and stair core breaks into the circular space and connects the various levels of the building.

Interior spaces. An ample, unique, circular interior space, flooded with light and naturally ventilated, organizes the entire building into a compact solution that economizes spaces, routes and costs, facilitating the spatial orientation of the visitor within the building. Glazed enclosures of rooms open to the central space, with indirect diffuse lighting.

Design of the facilities. Vertical pipes inside the walls of the fire escape, perfectly recordable.

Horizontal false ceiling pipes throughout the building and under the pavement in office work areas, with raised flooring.

Natural lighting. The large central skylight floods the heart of the building with light. The entire outer perimeter of the work areas is glass, allowing to work with natural light during the day with views of the landscaped areas.

Hygrothermal constants in bibliographic storage. The construction of a closed container, isolated from the outside, facilitates the maintenance of the optimum temperature and humidity constants for the conservation of the archived materials.

FUNCTIONALITY. Grouping different program areas structure the building. The three upper floors are destined for the bibliographic deposit with its different units, with a radial arrangement of the shelves, allowing perfect control and vision of all the interior spaces through the interior fire-resistant vetroflam glass enclosure.

On the ground floor are the busiest, process area, training and meeting room, a consultation room and the reprography service, the Office of the Regional Legal Deposit, the Book Section and archives of Libraries of Toledo, with its biblio-bus garage and loading and unloading areas, in addition to information and control, customer service, facilities and maintenance rooms.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Location Toledo
Promoter JCCM | Consejería de Educación
Project date 2003
State Competition