Toledo | 1997-1998

The project is carried out, responding to the uniqueness of the privileged place in which the new building is inserted. It was conditioned by the particular regulations of the sector and by the presence of the Hospital Tavera, (a 16th-century emblematic building of the Spanish Renaissance), the small and traditional neighbouring housing, the centuries-old cypresses and the historical Vega park.

These are the headquarters offices of Cocemfe, an organization of people with physical disabilities. The determining factor of full accessibility is a fundamental premise in the conception of the project.

The volumetric composition of the building is resolved with a pure prism topped by the sloping roof imposed by Regulations. Our project talks with the building on the other side of the street and serves as a visual finish to the Vega park (the Pond on the central axis of the garden, the statue of the Visigothic king Sisebuto and the vegetal background of the cypresses).

The views and lighting have been studied, giving a different image to the four facades. The very open south façade, using a large curtain wall covered by wooden slats, all this after the vegetal filter of the centenary cypresses, in contrast, the massive and opaque north façade. In the opposite side, the small entrance façade dominated by the steel gate and with the traditional element of the glass balcony, analogous in current terms to the one that exists in the building next door. And finally, the façade looking out onto the Vega de Safón (close to Tagus River) with a large hole and English yard that allows lighting and views to the ground floor and basement.

The interior spaces are arranged through a circulation spine formed by a hallway-distributor that provides service to the different units located on the ground floor. This element also centralizes vertical communication in a nucleus situated in the centre of the building with an elevator, a staircase and a set of empty spaces that visually interconnect all levels.

A modern and versatile office building solution is proposed. It is capable of adapting to changes in its interior. It leads us to a container-concept building, with a few fixed elements, (toilet core, structure and central core of vertical communications) and an open plan with universal modulation. Access floor systems and removable prefabricated partitions include the networks of installations, energy, etc.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Toledo
Promoter COCEMFE Castilla La Mancha
Construction Company CONSTRUR
Project date 1997
Final date of work 1998