La Solana (Ciudad Real) 2007 | 2013

The Castilla La Mancha Health Service SESCAM called a project competition for the construction of the new Health Centre in La Solana, near Ciudad Real. We proposed a project that, in addition to solving the sophisticated functional program, would become a formal benchmark in a characterless environment surrounded by newly built semi-detached houses of low architectural quality.

From the formal point of view:

  • A large central space in double-height organizes the center formally, functionally and visually.
  • Interstitial patios capture light and make the building breathe. A few sheets of water condition, from the bioclimatic point of view, while solving the collection of water in an open cistern for fire fighting.
  • The materials, limestone from La Mancha, similar to travertine, corten steel, and wood.

From functional organization:

  • A cross-sectional volume oriented to the street contains the reception elements, server elements, and residence of personnel on duty.
  • Perpendicular volumes house the medical offices open to the public and waiting rooms, forming a comb-shaped floor.
  • The building allows sectorization with related facilities.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Technical Assistance to the Construction Mangement ESTUDIO AIA
Location La Solana (Ciudad Real)
Promoter SESCAM – Servicio de Salud de Castilla La Mancha
Construction Company COCRIPSA
Project date 2007
Final date of work 2013


1st Awards Project Competition