Manzanares (Ciudad Real) | 2004 – 2008

The generating idea of ​​the project arises from the place and its integration into the rural environment of La Mancha, minimalist forms in a sharp and significant building that acts as an urban landmark.

The interior is accessed in a sequence of a porch – hallway – central space overlooking the patios that house the open water reservoirs refreshing the hot Manchego summer. The program modules are anchored perpendicularly to this central space.

The general composition of the building is organized into modules that allow flexibility of interior distribution. The rationality, versatility, flexibility, and internal logic of the building are compositional maxims.

Grouping different program areas structure the project. The areas of highest activity and attention to the public are on the ground floor: Rehabilitation, extractions, dentistry, social assistance, emergencies (with the independent entrance and parking area), staff residence, and the surgical block. On the first floor are the general medicine and support, midwife and pediatrics, management, and teaching consultations.

The shared facilities of the building, storage space, various services, support, and parking are located in the basement. The air conditioning room and solar collectors are grouped on the roof.

The rationality of the approach helps the orientation of the user within the building. The project solves the sophisticated functional program of a health centre.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Technical Assistance to the Construction Mangement ESTUDIO AIA
Location Manzanares (Ciudad Real)
Promoter SESCAM – Servicio de Salud de Castilla La Mancha
Construction Company FERROVIAL – AGROMAN
Project date 2004
Final date of work 2008


1st Awards Project Competition