Las Rozas (Madrid) 2015 – 2017

The Ministry of Public Works of the Spanish Government required the construction of a building to house the offices of the COEX Center (Control Center) of the A6 motorway in Las Rozas (Madrid), together with a locker room area for highway maintenance workers.

The formal integration had to be resolved with a previous building, destined for machine garages and warehouses so that once the work was completed, everything would be identified as a single complex.

The building had to be located parallel very close to the highway, in an aggressive environment of vehicles that come and go at full speed, inside an enormous enclosure full of snowplows parked in order waiting for the entry in action signal. Only the view of the Sierra de Madrid (the mountains range at north Madrid)) on the far horizon with its snow on the peaks with the blue sky in the background evoked the calm.

We had to create a PEACE OASIS for work.

The PATIO, so vernacular, hides the strident environment and appropriates the sky containing its own Nature ordered by Man.

The offices are organized around a landscaped courtyard with four palm trees with a white gravel floor, protecting the offices from the noise of the nearby highway. The workspaces open up to this patio through a glazed facing in which the solar control parasols that defend them from the harsh Castilian summer are integrated.

The center is entered through a wide ramp that leads to the windbreak room, acting as a lobby before the building.

Minimalist simplicity regarding the strict use of materials and the economy of media. Accuracy and purity of the encounters. No element is twinned. Tangencies, contacts between subtle, clean and tense planes.

The surprise of the baroque, of the architecture that is traveled, that thrills at every turn of the corner with the unexpected gift of an unimagined perspective, with an unsuspected shade of light, with a backlight or with a flash of direct light.

Silver lacquered corrugated perforated sheet metal texturing the elevations, only crossed by the twin holes in the meeting room that look like two eyes at the Sierra de Madrid.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Technical Assistance to the Construction Mangement ESTUDIO AIA
Location Autopista A6 _ Las Rozas (Madrid)
Promoter Ministerio de Fomento
Construction Company SARRIÓN
Project date 2015
Final date of work 2017