Ciudad Real | 2019

We chose “LIGHT” as the motto for the competition. In this case, the motto defines the project.

The project has to solve a sophisticated functional program linked to cultural activity. Multipurpose room, library, municipal archive, book deposit, study room, together with the living spaces for rest, cafeteria and facilities premises. The building’s working hours impose open spaces along with other closed spaces depending on the activity or cultural event.

The proposal presents a compact building, closed to the outside, secluded, designed for study, silence and light. The overhead light introduced into the interior through linear and punctual holes arranged in a grid, generating an abstract sky over the central reading room of the library, the most important space.

In an environment without character, architecture is proposed as a form of a pregnant image of the public.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Marchamalo (Guadalajara)
Promoter Ayuntamiento de Marchamalo
Project date 2018
State Competition