Toledo | 2019-2021

The house is located on a steeply sloping plot in front of the Layos golf course in Toledo.

The whole house appears as a great viewpoint over the perennial green blanket of the field and the central lake. A column of water is projected towards the sky refreshing the harsh Castilian environment.

The grass carpet of the golf course extends in a solution of continuity with the garden of the house.

The house is conceived as a large cyclopean eye looking towards the spectacular landscape of modelled nature.

The house is accessed from the street located on an upper level, at an intermediate level between the upper floor (night area) and the ground floor (day area).

From the entrance hall, you can intuit the private bedroom area. The architecture invites to descent to the ground floor level. As you walk down the staircase, the double-height space of the living area appears by surprise with a perspective of the garden extending towards the golf course and the lake. Quite a surprise.

On the ground floor, the space flows alternating compression and decompression in section creating a baroque effect of surprise. The compressed kitchen area. The double-height dining area is crossed on the upper floor by a glass walkway. The area around the fireplace, the focal point of the project, is compressed creating a secluded and cosy space.

A wooden structure roof with a single inclined plane embraces the entire house, making its protective character visible, evoking the idea of the original architecture cabin as a refuge.

The climatic behaviour of the house, its annual sunshine and its cross-ventilation with the prevailing breezes of the area have been studied.

The radiant heating-refreshing floor together with the pellet fireplace guarantees the thermal comfort of the house throughout the year, optimizing energy consumption.

It is a satisfaction for the architect to know that the inhabitants of the house live happily inside.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Golf Course _ Layos (Toledo)
Promoter Private Client
Construction Company Alberto Herrera
Project date 2019
Final date of work 2021