Toledo | 1992-1994

This is one of our first works, in which the ceramic brick from the region of La Sagra in the surroundings of Toledo was imposed on us.

The project discourse supposes a process of geometric elaboration, especially favoured by the singular urban implantation of the building and facilitated, without a doubt, by the relative schematism of the functional program to be developed.

From this basic approach, the building is understood as a game between server and served elements, perfectly delimited, in whose dialogue there is no room for doubts about reading or interpretation.

A triangular-shaped prism houses the main swimming pool measuring 25 x 12.5 meters around which the elements linked as satellites are organized. The changing rooms are located on each side with the entrance at the vertex of the equilateral triangle. The purification facilities and warehouses are placed on the lower floor. On the upper floor, taking advantage of the diagonal section, the spaces for the visiting public are arranged, with bleachers over the central space, cafeteria and classrooms, separated by glazing with a direct vision of what happens in the swimming pool but thermally separated by comfort reason and optimization of energy consumption. On the opposite side to the entrance, parallel to the pool, a curtain wall introduces natural light and the winter sun, collaborating in maintaining the building’s thermal levels.

The project pleased the chiefs of the Ministry of Education and Culture so much that they decided to convert the building into a prototype. Two other twin buildings were built, one in Ciudad Real and the other in Hellín (Albacete).


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Toledo
Promoter JCCM – Consejería de Educación y Cultura
Construction Company Dragados
Project date 1992
Final date of work 1994