Villafranca del Castillo (Madrid) | 1999-2000

The design intention of an absolutely unique house, personalized for the clients and for the site in which it is projected, seeking to solve issues related to their surroundings, insertion in the terrain with its steep topography, the orientation of views and sun, of material handling, etc.

The unique topography of the site, with a drop of 9 meters generating the idea of ​​a house-retaining wall, arranging the elements of the house on different levels, terracing the solution.

Division of the house into functional areas, served elements and servers, separated by a wall, visible from any point in the interior, which supports the spatial structure and guides the internal vertical communications. The white brick wall.

Insertion in the living area of ​​the FURNITURE WALL, that is, a wooden “wall” that crosses all the living spaces of the house in plan and section and that becomes a pantry, wardrobe, bookstore, etc. according to it is found in the kitchen, the corridors, the bedrooms, the living room …

Generation of the project from the section.

The CROSS-SECTION with the brick wall, the furniture wall and the porches perceptible from any point in the house, adapting to the topography of the land with a staggered layout.

The LONGITUDINAL SECTION understood in double-height vertically and triple-height diagonally, with views from the main bedroom to the living room fireplace, finishing off the diagonal view from the living room with the top-level wooden beam deck.

BAROQUE MINIMALISM. From simple, minimal and clearly defined formal elements, the highest capacity of the architectural space is sought to surprise at every step along with its architectural walkthrough, with the most exceptional spatial richness in points of view, frames, axes of vision and treatment of the light.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Villafranca del Castillo (Madrid)
Promoter Cliente privado
Construction Company Construcciones Celada
Project date 1999
Final date of work 2000