Carranque (Toledo) | 2000-2002

The small health centre is functionally organized around a communications element that guides the visitor while dividing waiting rooms and medical consultation spaces. This identifiable element is projected towards the exterior of the perimeter of the building, going out to receive the visitor, becoming the welcoming entrance hall before entering.

The waiting spaces are located in a diaphanous and pleasant room, well lit with well-studied openings to a patio that isolates from the bustle of the outside, transmitting peace to the people waiting for their turn to be attended by the doctor. The consultations are secluded and intimate offices, with high windows that allow natural light to enter but preserve privacy.

The construction had to be done with a minimum budget. This fact forced the optimization of resources. Local materials were used, load-bearing walls, plastering painted in iron oxide, minimal carpentry …

It is also possible to make architecture with minimal means.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Toledo
Promoter Ayuntamiento de Carranque
Construction Company Ekena
Project date 2000
Final date of work 2002


1st Awards Project Competition