Moral de Calatrava (Ciudad Real) | 2005-2007

The building is located between the country houses of the surrounding farms and the walls of the corrals in the peripheral area of ​​the urban nucleus. On a plot without physical constraints, with the local mountains in the background.

  • White volumes.
  • Typology of white walls.
  • Mastery of horizontality.
  • Use of materials consistent with the local vernacular architecture.

– White plastered, white painted brick. Corten steel, in memory of the red color of the land ground of the place.

  • Rusty corten steel slats to protect from excessive sunlight.
  • Horizontality of the composition in front of the mountain range.
  • Integration into the agricultural landscape as if it were a construction of a farm in the environment.
  • Interpretation of the invariants of La Mancha vernacular architecture.

– The “zaguán” (traditional hallway). Covered space between the outside world and the interior of the building, inherited from the Roman house.

– Importance of patios as differentiating open elements.

– Entrance patio, secluded administration, and teachers’ patio, versatile playgrounds, separating patios between light-screening classroom modules and extensive sports and multi-functional yards.

The project arises from the rational postulates regarding uses and routes, with a clear separation between the different functional areas, common, administrative, and teaching areas.

A longitudinal axis of travel linking the different elements of the complex.

A sequence of independent teaching buildings is designed to seek the best sunlight, orientation, lighting, and views of the teaching spaces towards the mountains.

The classrooms open to the patios they overturn. Place where they receive natural light for work, where they get magnificent views of the local mountains, protecting themselves from unfavorable orientations and glare.

The access galleries to the classrooms have torn vertical holes, which protect from the west-facing sun and evoke the old La Mancha haciendas.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Moral de Calatrava (C. Real)
Promoter JCCM
Construction Company JOCA
Project date 2005
Final date of work 2011


1st Awards Project Competition