Alovera (Guadalajara) | 2010

A footbridge is designed to connect the residential area of ​​Vallejo Park in the town of Alovera (Guadalajara) to give continuity to the pedestrian promenade that runs parallel to the Alovera road, over the crossing of the N-400 national road, and thus eliminating level crosswalks with the consequent improvement in safety.

A structure of 4 isostatic spans of lengths 26 + 24 + 26 + 26m, total length 102 m and average height 6 m above the lower ground, is proposed to save the new vials that circulate underneath after the construction of the new node.

The width of the walkway is 3 m, and it is protected laterally with steel railings of variable geometry and perforated sheet metal.

The projected deck consists of 4 isostatic spans 3 m wide, each consisting of 2 main HEB-600 beams made of S-355 steel on the sides, and a composite structure of sheet metal and a concrete slab.

This set saves the 2.5 m spans between the IPE-160 crossbeams that join the two main beams, and that together with the St. Andrew crosses collaborate to control the lateral buckling of the beams, mainly when fresh concrete is poured during the construction phase.

The piers are made up of 4 HEB-450 profiles that open in elevation until reaching the support level of the main beams of the deck. Of the 3 piles that hold the deck, 2 of them are supported on both walls of the pergola located at the bottom, designing a screed on the walls to receive the anchor piece. Another of the piers sits on firm ground on an isolated 4.5m * 4m reinforced concrete foundations.

The designed abutments are of the floating type on the access embankments, designed in reinforced concrete to support in soil areas with a minimum allowable tension of 2 kg / cm2.

As a finish for the footbridge, there is a lacquered steel handrail with a circular section, fixed by welding to the anti-vandal steel sheet, and a non-slip acrylic flooring.


Project author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Alovera (Guadalajara)
Promoter Consejería de Obras Públicas
Construction Company SARRIÓN
Project date 2005
Final date of work 2005