Toledo | 1999-2000

The project consists of the recovery and expansion of a pre-existing “type building” of the Ministry of Public Works with a very deteriorated appearance, to which one more plant for office use had to be added.

The action aims to give the building a new image, completing the required needs program, maintaining those useful elements with a constructive solution that does not interrupt the laboratory’s work rhythm during the construction period, making the most of the pre-existing building.

A new structure is designed bridging the original on the upper level, superimposing a new white painted mortar brick skin, phenolic plates and corten steel.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Toledo
Promoter JCCM – Consejería de Fomento
Construction Company Contratas La Mancha
Project date 2005
Final date of work 2011


1st Awards Project Competition