Bargas (Toledo) | 2021-2022

The project resolves the functional program of a public school defined in the Bases of the architecture Competition convened by the Ministry of Education of the Regional Government of Castilla La Mancha in Spain, located in the Toledan municipality of Numancia de La Sagra, on the border with the province of Madrid.

The organization responds to a rational topological scheme with obvious axes of circulation.

The project is based on rational postulates regarding uses and internal routes, with a clear separation between the different functional areas, common, administrative and teaching areas.

A longitudinal axis links the different elements of the complex.

The importance of patios as distinguishing open elements.

The entrance patio, the secluded administration and teacher patio, the versatile playgrounds, the patios between classroom modules filtering the sunlight, and sprawling sports and multi-functional courtyards.

The classroom spaces are oriented, looking for the best sunlight and lighting, screening the light through the perforated metal plates, protecting students and teachers from glare.

The access galleries to the classrooms are resolved with narrow vertical holes, which protect from the west-facing sun and evoke the old haciendas in the La Sagra region.

The construction is planned in precast concrete panels, in white and anthracite, in order to minimize execution times given the conditions of the school calendar.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Bargas (Toledo)
Promoter Bargas Town Hall
Construction Company ERGOCAN
Project date 2021
Final date of work 2022