Toledo | 2005-2010

The project of the own house is the most complicated for an architect. The same problem in architecture has different solutions. Still, in this case, it is a challenging exercise due to the level of self-criticism it implies and what it means as a reflection of their own professional identity.

As always, we have tried to build the most beautiful house in the world.

The plot is located in an area of housing development in the surroundings near the Historic Center of Toledo. With a rectangular plan, the site is oriented north-south and east-west. The street is on the west face of the lot.

The environment is calm and pleasant. A recently built single-family development in the plains of the Vega del Río Tajo (Tagus River). It is a location devoid of formal constraints. However, on the adjacent plot, we had built a house a few years before. There are no distant views from here.

The project seeks integration with this adjoining house, in addition to optimizing sunlight, prioritizing the bioclimatic nature of sustainable architecture.

The two houses, once built, are understood as a formal and chromatic unitary set.

The house is oriented to the south capturing the winter sun, protected by parasols and slats from the hot sun of the Castilian summer. The west facade to the street is closed with a sturdy white wall. Introverted, it opens only to the patio as an exterior extension of the interior room in a continuity solution. A garden with palm and orange trees refreshes and aromatizes the environment, framing the view towards the sky.

Baroque Minimalism is once again present in this project. Architectural space is sought from simple, minimal, and clearly defined formal elements, surprising at every step, with the most significant wealth of points of view, visual framings, axes of vision and light treatment.

After a few years of living in the house, the initial uneasiness of the project has turned into satisfaction and happiness for the whole family.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location San Bernardo (Toledo)
Promoter Cliente Privado
Construction Company Construcinco
Project date 2005
Final date of work 2011