Lominchar (Toledo) | 2005-2009

Lominchar is a small town in the La Sagra region located between Madrid and Toledo. The former home of the parish priest was in terrible condition in a state of ruin.

Its demolition was decided for the construction of a new one. We were commissioned with the project and the direction of the work. We accept the commitment by carrying out the work altruistically on condition that no formal or design constraints were put in place, only a budgetary limitation. We developed a preliminary project that was presented to the Archbishop of Toledo, who accepted with great interest, recognizing the role of the Catholic Church as a promoter patron throughout the history of the artistic avant-garde.

The town church is in front of the parish house. It is a building constructed in the early eighteenth century between 1700 and 1709 with high architectural quality. It has a classic Latin cross plant with facades resolved in traditional local bricks and masonry frames.

We propose the new house of the priest referenced and visually linked to the church building.

It divides its functional program into two floors. The lower one is intended for the parish hall, two classrooms and an office for customer service, along with a garage. The upper level solves the house. This one closes on itself, keeping the intimacy of its inhabitant with perforated sheet metal in front of the gaps in memory of the convent lattices. At the same time, it opens with a large oculus facing the main altar of the church.

Chromatically the travertine limestone in memory of the Roman buildings, (seat of the Catholic Church), the ocher stained concrete and the corten steel enter dialectical relation with the church building.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Lominchar (Toledo)
Promoter Parroquia de Lominchar
Construction Company Construcciones Elías
Project date 2005
Final date of work 2011