Ciudad Real | 2000-2003

It is a work very dear to us. At the El Doncel university residence, we investigate the use of new materials. It is the first time that we have used corten steel on a large scale. This material will be regularly incorporated into our subsequent works, especially in the Department of Health and Social Welfare of Castilla La Mancha Regional Government.

The building is present in the urban environment it occupies, unambiguously showing its public and representative character.

It is oriented facing its main elevation to the south-east, so that all the rooms of the university residence receive perfect insolation controlled by the parasols that texturize, with the shadows cast, the facade emphasizing the rusty steel material.

A double dimensional game is used; the principal and representative façade appears as a large plan on an urban scale, while in its rear part, the building disintegrates, integrating itself into the scale of the immediate environment in which the two-story buildings dominate.

The functional and formal division into two areas is proposed, the residential one, with rooms of restricted use for students, and the one for collective and representative use, open to visitors located on the ground floor. The served spaces are different from the servers.

In the El Doncel university residence hall, a modular compositional scheme is used, optimizing construction and maintenance costs.

The master architect De la Sota is honored with this project, remembering his extraordinary “Colegio Mayor César Carlos” in Madrid.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Technical Assistance to the Construction Mangement ESTUDIO AIA
Location Ciudad Real
Promoter JCCM
Construction Company NECSO
Project date 2000
Final date of work 2003


1st Awards Project Competition