Yebes (Guadalajara) | 2021-2022

This Project resolves the building of the new Municipal Auditorium-Theater of Villaseca de la Sagra, a town located 12 km from Toledo.

The building is capable of hosting both theatre and musical performances. It has dressing room rooms, three multipurpose classrooms, administrative units, along with the necessary technical spaces, warehouses, cleaning rooms and toilets.

Finally, there is an adequate proportion of open, properly treated exterior spaces, interior lighting patios, access from car parks with a public entrance area and independent services.

The building is developed on the ground floor. It has a singular the scenic box, where the scenic machinery is located, configured by an ample empty space of 12 meters in free height that has three levels of perimeter work walkways for exclusive use for the stagehands, finished off with the structural latticework for theatrical backdrops.

The volume of the building is the result of the rational distribution of the functional areas, highlighting the dominant body of the scenic tower necessary for theatre performances and the auditorium attached to the tower, completing the set with the lower bodies of the areas distribution and classroom pavilions, resulting in a compact and pregnant volumetric set.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Astronomical Observatory of Yebes (Guadalajara)
Promoter Ministry of Science and Innovation
Construction Company SERANCO
Project date 2020
Final date of work 2021
State Built