Leganés (Madrid) | 2014

We chose “55 AND MORE” as the motto for the competition. The Leganés City Council promoted homes for people over 55 years of age.

It is proposed to transform the typical typology of closed housing block into a permeable solution with an open patio in the shape of a “U”. This proposal avoids arcades that limit the sunlight to the houses, which, given the user for whom they are intended, does not seem the most recommended solution.

For this reason, the ground floor is completed with the social and housing program, linking the semi-private patio/plaza exterior spaces. In the same way, private spaces are proposed at ground floor level as a garden for individual use in the home, generating in turn façade elements that favour the energy performance of the building itself.

The program required a certain number of dwellings for people over 55 years of age, with one-bedroom homes for only one occupant or families with couples without children. The patio is especially enhanced as a meeting point for people, many of them retired and therefore with more time to spend at home.

The proposal presents a compact building, closed to the outside, secluded, thought to be, silence and light.

In an environment without character, architecture is proposed as a form of a pregnant image of the public.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Location Leganés (Madrid)
Promoter Ayuntamiento de Leganés
Project date 2014
State Competition