Toledo | 2007

The proposal develops a business park with a total of 160 plots (135 warehouses and 25 premises) in the Santa María de Benquerencia industrial estate in Toledo.

The project commission was made directly by the real estate agency Lualca to build a modern business park with medium and small plots for preferably commercial establishments. Unfortunately, the promotion could not be concluded due to the 2008 economic crisis.

Main design parameters were:

  • Committed to energy efficiency.
  • Attention to the need to offer complete accessibility and mobility throughout the entire urbanization.
  • Implementation of what has been called sustainable urbanism, with essential criteria such as compactness and continuity of the buildings.
  • Design of constructions with the unity of appearance.
  • Application of bioclimatic principles in architecture.


Project Author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Guadalajara
Promoter Inmobiliaria LUALCA
Construction Company LUALCA
Project date 2007