Autovía de La Sagra (Toledo) | 2009 – 2010

Thirteen composite bridges have been built in overpasses of the Sagra Section I motorway.

Bridge spans vary from 37.00m to 42.00m with widths ranging from 9.00m to 8.00m.

The bridges have a single isostatic span, with a 1.75 m deep steel box.

There is a cross bracing in the form of St. Andrew cross in the open area of ​​the deck, joining the upper platforms. This system plays a vital role during assembly by bracing the compressed cords of the steel wings against the lateral buckling. The bridge has transverse frames to collect the distortion of the box section by eccentric loads.

6 cm thick concrete slabs are placed on the steel box section, on which the board is concreted, thus constituting the composite section. The typology is a bi-supported isostatic bridge subjected in all its length to positive flexion, built with a central shoring.


Project author ESTUDIO AIA
Construction Manager ESTUDIO AIA
Location Autovía de La Sagra (Toledo)
Promoter Sociedad de Carreteras de Castilla La Mancha
Construction Company UTE SARRIÓN – FCC – DHO
Project date 2009
Final date of work 2010